Contracts Awarded

Our procurement process is built on a commitment to fairness, openness and transparency. It is Emera Newfoundland & Labrador’s desire to foster long-term business partnerships that are mutually beneficial to all parties. Where practical, ENL will leverage local or regional content and communicate when contracts have been awarded.  

The following are Maritime Link related procurement opportunities that have recently been awarded.


 Initiative EOI Posting Date  EOI Closing Date  RFP Issue Date  RFP Closing Date  Date Awarded  Contract Awarded  Contract Contact 
E17-337 – Temporary Storage of Spare Parts

 19-Jul-17  28-Jul-17  - -



 NL - Corner Brook Port Corporation

NS - Sydport Operations Inc.

Jackie Chow

Joe Hines

E16-287 - Green Fielding at Granite Canal 






NCL Contractors Ltd.

Pansy Cross

 AD-1001 - Disposal of Accommodation Facility






Orion Holdings

Les Hoberg

 E16-302 - Subsea Cables Survey






DOF Subsea

Jeff Aitken

E14-191 - Technical Surveillance Service





 9-Aug-16 AllNorth Consultants Limited Company

Carl Hovey

E16-269 - HVdc Line Work NS & NL






EUS-Rokstad Limited Partnership

E13-102B - Grounding Site Breakwater Construction NS 4-Jun-13





Zutphen Contractors Inc.

Vincent van Zutphen

E16-271 - Supply of Access Mats for HVdc Lines






Oxford Timber Inc. D. Blizzard Services Integrated

Daniel Blizzard

E15-229 - Caribou Monitoring Program 4-Feb-16 10-Feb-16 10-Feb-16 26-Feb-16 4-May-16  Amec Foster Wheeler Steve Bonnell
 E15-253 - Certified Steel Fabrication/ Welding Services 4-Dec-15 11-Dec-15 - - 4-Apr-16 East Coast Metal Fabrication Inc. Joe Hines
E13 - 157B - Drilling Services  10-Apr-14 15-May-14 17-Feb-15 19-Mar-15 4-Apr-16 Baker Hughes Jennifer Parsons
E13-157A - Drilling Services  10-Apr-14 15-May14 17-Feb-15 19-Mar-15 30-Mar-16 Schlumberger Dena Browne
E13-158 - Landfall Marine Intervention Services 10-Apr-14 15-May-14 6-Feb-15 18-Mar-15 9-Mar-16 DOF Subsea Canada Corp. Jeff Aitken
E14-205 - Long Term Snow Clearing and Road Maintenance 26-Nov-14 3-Dec-14 10-Feb-15 4-Mar-15 1-Jan-16 NCL Contractors Ltd.

  Pansy Cross
E15-216 - Pine Marten Hair Snag Study 13-Feb-15 2-Mar-15 13-May-15 3-Jun-15 2-Mar-16 Stantec Wayne Tucker
E12-75 Marine Warranty Services 21-Dec-12 9-Jan-13 8-Apr-15  1-Jun-15 23-Dec-15 London Offshore Consultants (Canada) Ltd. Andrew Lund

 E13-156 - Landfall Drilling and Casing Installation 25-Mar-14  15-May-14 4-Aug-14 18-Sep-14 18-Dec-15 Direct Horizontal Drilling Dave Fisher
E13-148 - Temporary Construction Services 13-May-14 20-May-14 15-Sep-14 20-Oct-14 Fall 2015
JonelJim Construction - NS

Gary Peach

E13-148 - Temporary Construction Services   13-May-14 20-May-14 15-Sep-14 20-Oct-14 Fall 2015
Furlong’s Electrical - NL

Barry Furlong

E13-148 - Temporary Construction Services

13-May-14 20-May-14 15-Sep-14 20-Oct-14 Fall 2015
GA Duncan Electrical - NL
Gary Duncan 
  E13-148 - Temporary Construction Services 13-May-14 20-May-14 15-Sep-14 20-Oct-14 Fall 2015
Hi-Tech Communications - NL
Murray Caines

  E13-148 - Temporary Construction Services  13-May-14 20-May-14 15-Sep-14 20-Oct-14 Fall 2015
Kent Mobile Shelters - NL

Bennett Weston

  E13-148 - Temporary Construction Services 13-May-14 20-May-14 15-Sep-14 20-Oct-14 Fall 2015
Office Furniture Warehouse - NL 

Albert Barnes

 E13-102 A - Grounding Site Breakwater NL 30-May-14    20-June-14  7-Aug-14  7-Oct-14   23-Oct-15   
H.J. O'Connell  Construction

Brian Nichols

E15-238 - Casing Supply for Horizontal Directional Drilling  15-Jul-15  29-Jul-15 30-Jul-15   21-Aug-15 29-Oct-15 
East Coast Tubulars Ltd.

Andrew Power

E13-155b - Third Party Inspection and Surveillance Service for Cable Manufacturing

28-Feb-14  25-Mar-14 2-Jun-14  17-Jul-14  24-Mar-15 Spectrol Energy Services Inc. David Coffey

E13-155a - Third Party Inspection and Surveillance Service for Cable Manufacturing

28-Feb-14 25-Mar-14 2-Jun-14 17-Jul-14  24-Mar-15 Killick Group Ltd.

Fred Holloway

E13-87 B - Optical Ground Wire 21-May-13  11-Jun-13 20-Dec-13 7-Mar-14 8-May-15 Composite Power Group Inc.

Rob McNeil
  E14-184 Cultural Resource Monitoring 5-May-14  23-May-14 11-Jul-14  1-Aug-14 8-May-15 Boreas Heritage Consulting Inc.  Sara Beanlands
  E14-176 Caribou Monitoring Study 26-Jun-14 11-Jul-14 25-Sep-14  17-Oct-14 20-Apr-15 Stantec Consulting Ltd. Lee Jamieson
  E13-89 A Accommodations Operations 27-May-13 17-Jun-13 18-Feb-14 15-Apr-14 13-Apr-15 East Coast Catering Limited  Audrey O'Reilly

 E13-125 Ecological Characterization for the Cable Route  27-Jun-14 7-Jul-14 14-Jul-14  1-Aug-14 13-Apr-15 CBCL Limited Ian Bryson

E13-87 Transmission Line Conductor Only  21-May-13  11-June-13 20-Dec-13 07-Mar-14 20-Mar-15  Midal Cables Ltd.   Rohit Huria

E13-95  Transmission Line Construction 21-May-13   18-June-13 8-Jan-14   17-Apr-14 12-Mar-15   Abengoa S.A. Fernando Ham
E13-154 Safety Supplies  27-Nov-13 10-Jan-13 18-Sep-14  10-Oct-14 30-Jan-15 BDI Canada  Darrell Bennett
E14-183 Lease of Office Space in Sydney  4-Apr-14 11-Apr-14 - - 16-Dec-14 Vonnie Ellis Holdings Ltd. Danny Ellis 
E13-114 Marine Ecological Characterization of Grounding Sites 31-Jan-14  14-Feb-14 9-Apr-14 30-Apr-14 25-Nov-14 AMEC Environment & Infrastructure     Kevin Baldwin
E13-89 B Construction of Granite Canal  Accommodations Facility 27-May-13 17-Jun-13 18-Feb-14 15-Apr-14 10-Nov-14 DORA Construction Ltd. Janet Campbell
 E13-116 - Marine Habitat Utilization 17-May-13 29-May-13  20-Feb-14   07-May-14 27-Oct-14  AMEC Environment & Infrastructure Kevin Baldwin
E13-85 Transmission 
Structures and Grillages 
21-May-13   11-Jun-13 28-Aug-13   18-Nov-13 25-Sep-14  Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd. Paras Shah
E13-92 Site Preparation  05-Jun-13   26-Jun-13 2-Dec-13  27-Feb-14  5-Sep-14 NS - JonelJim Concrete Construction  NS - Gary Peach
NL - Marine Contractors   NL -  Rob Payne
E12-74 Converter Stations   N/A N/A  28-Mar-13 14-Aug-13  09-Jul-14 ABB Peter Prahalis
E13-88 A Right of Way Tree Clearing  18-Apr-13 03-May-13 30-Jul-13 10-Sep-13 26-Feb-14 NL - Major's Logging  Patti Pinksen
E13-88 B Right of Way Tree Clearing   18-Apr-13  03-May-13  30-Jul-13 10-Sept-13  17-Feb-14  NS - R. MacLean Forestry Rodney MacLean
E13-161 Statutory Appraisals

 3-Mar-14  6-Mar-14  3-Mar-14 14-Mar-14  25-Jun-14  Altus Group  Neil Hardy
E12-51 Final Design and Geotechnical Program
 02-Aug-12  21-Aug-12 19-Oct-12  10-Dec-12 07-Apr-14 Hatch Limited  Murray McFarlane
E11-18 Submarine Cable Design, Supply and Installation
12-Mar-11  31-Mar-11  19-Mar-12  03-Jul-12  30-Jan-14  Nexans Norway AS Jakob Aabech
 E12-73 Surveying Services 27-Feb-13 15-Mar-13 25-Mar-13 2-Apr-13 2-Oct-13 
NS - C.J. MacLellan 
& Associates Inc. 
NS - Andy DeCoste

 NL - AllNorth 
Consulting Ltd
NL - Alden Daniels
 E13-98 Office Space in Stephenville 04-Mar-13  15-Mar-13  - 1-Oct-13

 Stephenville Airport Authority  
E13-105 Cultural Resource Testing 23-Apr-13 01-May-13  31-May-13 14-Jun-13 20-Sep-13 NS - CRM Group   
12-Sep-13  NL - Gerald Penney Associates   
E13-115 Freshwater Fish Survey (AoNA) 
and Stream Crossing Assessment
17-May-13 29-May-13 01-Jun-13 25-Jun-13 18-Sep-13 Skiumuit Environmental Management  
E13-106 Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecological Survey 
23-Apr-13 06-May-13 15-May-13 31-May-12 5-Jul-13 CBCL Limited   
 E11-37 HDD Landfall Feasibility Study 29-Nov-11 06-Dec-11 09-Dec-11 19-Dec-12 2-Jul-13 AMEC  
E12-79 Transmission Line Route Geotechnical Investigations 
06-Dec-12 14-Dec-12 07-Dec-12 04-Jan-13 27-Mar-13 AMEC  
E12-59 Pine Martin - Hair Snag Study  04-Oct-12 16-Oct-12 4-Dec-12 7-Jan-13 8-Mar-13 AMEC  
E12-53 Geotechnical Site 
Facility Investigations 
08-Aug-12 20-Aug-12


05-Oct-12 6-Dec-12 Stantec

E12-48 Land Acquisition 
Agency and Support







E12-42 NS Transmission Line 
Corridor/Land  Survey
23-Feb-12 13-Mar-12 16-Mar-12 05-Apr-12 22-May-12 SDMM  
E12-47 Electronic Document/Records Management Solution 29-May-12 12-June-12 06-Jul-12 10-Aug-12 26-Feb-12 Coreworx   
E12-52 Environmental Predictive Modeling 24-July-12 01-Aug-12 10-Sept-12 27-Sept-12 9-Jan-12 Hatch Limited  
E11-23 Engineering Services  13-Oct-11 21-Oct-11 31-Oct-11 2-Dec-11 9-Jan-12 Hatch Limited  
E11-33 Micro-Tunnelled Landfall Screening Study
28-Nov-11 05-Dec-11 09-Dec-11 09-Jan-12 Cancelled -  

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