Norm Dimmell appointed President, Emera Newfoundland & Labrador



Norm Dimmell appointed President

NSPML Replaces Transmission Line Contractor for Maritime Link Project

NSP Maritime Link Inc. (NSPML), a subsidiary of Emera Inc. (TSX: EMA), today announced a new transmission line contractor for the Maritime Link Project.  The original contractor, Abengoa S.A., has been under ongoing global creditor protection proceedings that have hampered the company’s ability to perform its work. As a result, NSPML was forced to place Abengoa in default and to work with Abengoa’s sureties, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and Zurich Insurance Company (Sureties) to find a replacement contractor.
NSPML has selected EUS-Rokstad, a joint venture between Emera Utility Services (an affiliate of Emera Inc.) and Rokstad Power to complete construction of the High Voltage Direct Current (HVdc) transmission line work for the Maritime Link Project. NSPML will work with all parties to ensure a smooth transition of the work.
“Today’s decision is based on acting in the best interest of the project and our Nova Scotia electricity customers. Our goal is to complete the Maritime Link Project on budget by late 2017. With the transition from Abengoa to EUS-Rokstad, this work can resume and be completed to meet our overall timeline,” said Rick Janega, President and CEO of Emera Newfoundland and Labrador.
The selection of EUS-Rokstad by NSPML was based on a competitive procurement process administered by, and with third-party oversight from, Abengoa’s sureties, and is compliant with NSPML’s Code of Conduct for Affiliate Transactions. As part of the evaluation, contractors were required to meet NSPML’s and the Sureties requirements, including with respect to costs and the ability to complete the HVdc transmission lines within required timelines.  
EUS-Rokstad will construct the HVdc transmission lines in both provinces, including the construction of tower foundations; tower assembly and stringing of conductors. In addition, Abengoa’s main subcontractor, Powertel Utilities Limited, will continue to have responsibility for the construction of the two grounding lines and the AC line while working directly with NSPML.
“We continue to advance all components of the Project in both provinces.   With construction of the HVdc transmission lines set to resume immediately, we continue to be on budget and are on target to complete the Project by late 2017,” says Janega.
As part of the agreement EUS will have responsibility for approximately 50km of HVdc transmission line in Nova Scotia. Rokstad will be responsible for approximately 140km of HVdc transmission line on the island of Newfoundland.

About The Maritime Link Project

The Maritime Link is part of a larger strategy to address the growing demand for more renewable energy. The Maritime Link will create more energy options and reduce dependency on fossil fuel generation. By connecting the island of Newfoundland to the North American grid for the first time in history, the Link will create a new electricity loop in Atlantic Canada, providing access to market for the region’s abundance of clean, renewable energy. For more information on the Maritime Link visit

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